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About the Company

Kriddr was founded in 2017 by a group of animal advocates who wanted to put an end to animal suffering. Out of this collective effort emerged Kriddr Care, the company's first product dedicated to providing an all-natural solution to animals in need.  Our pure CBD oil gives your pets the compassionate over-the-counter care they deserve.  To show our appreciation, we are donating $1 from each bottle sold to the Humane Society of America, an organization that saves millions of animal lives each year. Your purchase brings us one step closer to accomplishing our goal.  


John Kelley, CEO

John has two darling adopted kittens, Bagel & Phil(adelphia Cream Cheese) that inspired him to start Kriddr Care.  John's entrepreneurial background includes several other startups 

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Bagel & Phil, Cofounders

Bagel and Phil(adelphia Cream Cheese) were inspired by their time spent at Angell Animal Hospital/Shelter to help other fellow animals in need. 


Richard Tannenbaum, Strategic Advisor

Richard brings his experience as an exited founder in the CBD/Medical Marijuana space. Combined with his background in biology, Richard's passion for animals and high business acumen made him a perfect fit.


Lindsay Ellsworth, Account Manager

Lindsay has many years of marketing and sales experience, and loves her furry and furless friends. At home, she has 3 cats, 2 dogs and a bearded dragon.


Meet Our Team


MADE in The

American Heart 2

Home Grown CBD

All of our ingredients come from local suppliers across New Enlgand



Our Product

Locally sourced Organic Ingredients:


Our Hemp Extract is sourced from a local farm in Shelton, CT


Our MCT Oil is sourced from a local supplier in Braintree, MA

Product Testing

Product Testing

Kriddr Care  Batch #1 

Each bottle is marked with a lot number, so you can always be sure that it's certified ingredients.


Certificate of Analysis

Kriddr Care has been thoroughly tested by Proverde Laboratories in Milford, Massachusetts with successful results. 

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